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About Us

It’s always reassuring to know you’re dealing with an expert and Complete Bid Writing’s Director/founder Corinna Frost definitely falls into that category. Her background has included the roles of Bid Management, Business Development and Project Management within the welfare to work, skills and Higher Education sectors; responsible for writing and co-ordinating multi-million pound bids (and smaller Local Authority one’s too).

She’s also worked within a Local Authority environment, giving her inside knowledge of many aspects of the public sector as well as working with smaller business helping them to source potential contracts and bid for them. Realising her talent for constructing successful bids could help many businesses she took the step into business for herself.

“I realised that small companies didn’t have the time or specialist skills as well as procedures and documents they needed. For most creating a bid was like standing at the bottom of a huge mountain. The thought of the climb was often enough to put them off even taking the first step!” she says.

Corinna combines practical expertise and academic qualifications (MBA). She adds real value that helps businesses to punch above their weight and grow their profits!

“Whether I work in-house or remotely, my focus is on helping companies to grow – I understand the challenges growing businesses face and I want them to be delighted with our service. Nothing is too much trouble and we’ll move heaven and earth to deliver to even the tightest deadlines with no surprises when it comes to pricing!”

Talk to Corinna about your bidding challenges and get an expert on board. You can contact her on 07933 253067 or email her at enquiries@completebidwriting.co.uk.