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Flexible Support

If you want to improve your organisation’s ability to put together successful bids and tenders you can choose from a range of support services:
  • Pay as you go – just paying an hourly rate for the services you want
  • Pay one fixed price, agreed once the tender documents have been reviewed
  • Bespoke costing for regular clients including risk share models and/or retainers for managing regular work

You’ll find working with Complete Bid Writing Ltd offers a flexible approach with bespoke packages to meet your specific needs.

You can also access coaching in:
  • Sourcing bid opportunities
  • Understanding the bidding process
  • Putting together PQQ and tender documents

If you need help with compiling statements and policies for health and safety, environmental, equality and diversity or quality, you’ll get the expertise you need for that too.

Using a specialist will enable you to grow your business without adding time pressures and without the need to fill the skills gaps with an ongoing staff commitment. You have a much higher likelihood of submitting a successful bid when you have an expert on board.

All it takes is a phone call to 07933 253067 or an email enquiries@completebidwriting.co.uk to find out more.