Choose the support you need


Complete Bid Management
A must if you’re new to bidding or just can’t spare the time
We manage the whole process from start to finish including:
Submitting Expression of Interest
Co-ordinating questions and answers to and from buyer
Writing PQQ/tender content in liaison with your in-house expertise
Developing case studies, organisation charts and CVs
Submitting PQQ/tender
Presentation preparation
Gathering feedback and debriefing at each tender stage
Services are provided on a fixed fee basis for each phase of the tender process.
Flexible Bid Support
Flexible support for bid improvers
Choose as much (or as little) support as you need:
Construction of bid response template
Developing bid content in liaison with in-house staff
Reviewing, providing feedback and/or editing tenders written by your in-house staff
Developing presentation to buyer and prepare for Q&A
Contract roll-out
Ongoing bid management – reviewing and refining bid processes and submissions
Services are provided on a pay as you go basis and charged by the hour. 
Specialist Expertise
For the things you daren’t leave to chance
Developing policies and enhancing bid submissions:
Health and Safety
Equality and Diversity
Environmental Management and Sustainability
Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Plans
Business Continuity
Information Security
Developing project and risk plans for contract delivery
Developing processes for managing contract delivery
Fees are likely to be fixed fee depending on the services required.
We are also able to provide small group training and coaching to help you build bid writing capacity within your organisation. For more details please give us a call on 07933 253067 or email